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wellmama profiles enable experts to gather star ratings, a percentage recommendation score and verbatim feedback.

Star ratings are calculated based on experience descriptions. Parents are asked to choose from the following 5 descriptors - excellent, good, average, poor or terrible. Each word correlates with a score i.e. Excellent is 5, Terrible is 1. This allows us to calculate star rating based on your average score.

Percentage recommendations are calculated based on customer feedback. Parents are asked whether they would recommend you as an expert to someone else and given the options of ’yes’ or ‘no.’ Your percentage rating is based on the ratio of yes vs. nos you receive. I.e. if a person has 3 yes and one no. Their recommendation % would be 75%.

As we are currently a free platform we approach this very simply. Experts with the most reviews get featured on our homepage. Meanwhile our search tool uses the time stamp algorithm i.e. users can sort by newest and oldest listings. In the situation where a user is looking for a service that doesn’t give any results, we may post services that are in the same category grouping. In the future, we may offer featured listing options for a fee - both for home page and search.

wellmama welcomes a wide range of experts providing pre and perinatal support. However, if you didn’t find your profession or services in the list above, but think your service offering will fit please do get in touch via info@wellmama.life and we’ll get it sorted.