Last modified: 26 October 2020

The parents coming to this site are going through a lot.

They’re looking to you for help and feeling vulnerable. In order to maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for them, we’ve created a code of conduct as a guide. This may change over time as our services change, so please refer back every so often.

Be who you say you are

Please represent yourself and your skills as an expert on this site truthfully. By which we mean, please don’t post a fake name, photo or profession, present fake or incorrect documentation or write misleading content about your education, skills and prices.

Practice with integrity

Please don’t post reviews for yourself or pay for reviews (positive or negative about your service or anyone else's.) Please don’t make promises or assurances about the benefits of your service that you know are untrue. Please don’t list services you know you can’t deliver or list other people’s services and represent them as your own.

Stay consistent

Please don’t raise the price of the services you have listed on our site, once people engage you outside of it. Please deliver a consistent level of service to all users who find you through wellmama and ensure that you are the person delivering the services you have advertised.

Don’t hound or hustle

If a user finds their way to your site via ours, that is brilliant and absolutely the plan. However please don’t hound or hustle them if they choose to not use your service. That means don’t contact them with offers, questions or suggestions unless directly asked for.

Be respectful

Please show respect to the customers who find you via wellmama. Do not incite violence or hatred against them or use dehumanising speech defined on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, disability, or other similar ground.

Balance the realness

Depending on your industry and expertise, the imagery associated with your service may feature nudity i.e. depicting the proper breast feeding technique, photography from a birth where you acted as a doula. We do not wish to hide or censor the truth of birth and child rearing, but do ask that you please label/provide warnings for images which could be shocking or distressing for some.

Manage frustration

If you receive a review and feel it is unjust, please get in touch with us. Share your concern, we can review the situation and may remove it. Do not seek out the customer on other platforms or social networks, or in any way try to find them in the real world. Likewise, if you have a frustration with our service, again do get in touch, but do so in a respectful manner.

Understand our standards

We want to list experts who offer the highest quality care. If you receive a number of negative reviews, then please understand that we will need to review your profile and work out if you are right for the wellmama platform, or might be better suited to another situation.

Participate in the family

We believe wellmama is a special website. One that should have existed for a long time. As part of the wellmama village, we may feature you in our social feeds and marketing materials. We may also invite you to participate in events to raise the profile of the site, for your benefit and that of customers. Together we can make this thing great.