About us

We want to make the perinatal world a better and safer space.

The perinatal support industry is finally being given the attention and airtime it deserves. But as an industry develops it needs to legitimise and protect it’s integrity. That is why we founded wellmama - to help perinatal expertise set a standard of excellence. Wellmama is the first perinatal review platform. A trusted space - helping experts build trust through customer reviews and parents to evaluate experts based on public, verified, customer feedback.

Home of Mama Truth

We are open minded about the services a parent might need. Nothing is embarrassing. If parents need a service, we’ll list and enable reviews for experts in that field.

People Not Products

We help to review professionals not products. There are great brands and companies out there (and so there should be) but our site is all about human help.

Fearlessly Customer First

We place value on impartial, verified customer reviews. A unique tool to help practitioners benefit from customer feedback and parents to make informed choices.

Every Part Of You

We review experts who support parents (and partners to be) in mind, body and life. The journey to parenthood is not just a physical one and that needs to be acknowledged.

Who we are?

Maili, Charlie and Jekaterina.

Three very different women. All at our own stage in the mama cycle. Tired of having to hunt for the support we need. Driven mad by a lack of centralized, professional help. Looking to be the change we want to see.

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